Who I Am

When I was studying to become a teacher (taking education classes and student teaching) I found blogging to be one of the most valuable components of my education.  The connections I made with other teachers was fundamental to my own development as a teacher. From lurking on their blogs to actively engaging in discourse; from stealing and modifying lessons to having my lessons critiqued; from hearing valuable insights to the complexities of teaching from those in the field to sharing my own trials and tribulations as I trained to become a teacher; I found that the blogging community was the most constructive professional learning community I ever took a part of.  I fully intended to maintain my online engagement during my teaching career.

But then real teaching happened.  Then I set foot in my classroom and faced the full brunt of being a teacher – no strings attached.  I know that it is no excuse for an absence of blogging.  I personally know many first year teachers who maintained (or even started their blogs) in their first year of teaching.  But for me, I found myself unable to partake in the blog-o-sphere.  Time was of course an issue, but more importantly, I found that all I wanted to write about was the teacher angst that I felt as a new teacher struggling with all the things new teachers struggle with.  And some things should be left off the internet.

But here I am, no longer a first year teacher.  I still have my time taken up with a thousand and one commitments, but I have emerged from my cocoon of self-doubt and angst, and am once again ready and eager to engage in the online world of teachers.  I am far from perfect (and I know I’d be much better if I were to maintain a blog for these past years), but I’m here now to share and learn


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